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Good weekend on CW

This weekend the bands have been open, the local line noise relatively quiet, and I’ve had some free time. The result is I’ve had a half dozen nice CW contacts in the last day or so. That hasn’t been the case most weekends lately.

This morning I talked with NI9Y, Dan, in Mishawaka, IN. I had talked to him a couple times before years ago, but we had a nice conversation. What’s notable is this morning he sent me a recording of what my radio sounded like at his station. The attached file is me, talking about how I bought a certain radio and wrapping up the contact. Conditions were such that we were both loud at each other’s stations.

Last night I had a couple of interesting conversations. I talked to AC7M, Doc, in Twin Falls, ID, and discovered that he had also grown up in western Nebraska. In the years talking to random people, I’ve talked to very few who also started out in west Nebraksa. We had a nice chat about the area, etc.

Right before that I had a very unusual CW contact. It was with Greg, K0GDI, near St. Louis, and it was the first contact he had made on CW. He is a fairly new ham, and said he was challenged by another ham to learn CW. He did it, and evidently did a good job of it as I was clipping along at 20 words per minute. It was obvious he was a new operator, as he was missing some of the standard operating practices. That’s fine. I tried to follow good procedure, and by the end of the contact he was starting to mimic that. That’s how you learn in ham radio — making contacts and paying attention to how other people operate.

It was nice to hear a new, young, operator on CW. There aren’t many on, and I’m not sure who is going to be around to talk to in 20 years or so.

Enjoy listening to the audio clip below.

K9OZ ON PRO3 FEB 11 2012 ON 3.550 MHZ AT 1217 UTC DE Ni9y

New home for K9OZ amateur radio blog

I’ve moved my blog of two years from blogger to WordPress, and now have my own URL, K9OZ.com where this is located . I am going to be blogging more and experimenting with SEO. Hopefully this will inspire me tputt more effort into keeping up the blog.