Ham radio I phone apps

My resolution for the new year, be a better blogger.

I took some time off over the holidays and spent a lot of time playing with the radios. Mostly, it was nice rag chews on 40 and 80 meters, but I spent some time on the Stew Perry Distance Challenge — a 160 meter contest — and running mobile on 40 adn 20 meters over New Year’s while driving to Memphis.

I enjoyed getting back on CW mobile, but I’m afraid my trusty old Yaeseu FT 857 is seeing its last legs on HF. During a contact on the drive south, I unfortunately had stuffed a coat over the radio while packing the car, and the radio overheated and quit operating. It later cooled down and I got back on the air, but it died on me again part way through a contact. I should have known better, and broke one of the basic rules of mobile operation — watch the ventilation around your radio.

I’ve been discovering a bunch of IPhone apps for Ham radio. Some are very useful, some I wonder about. I can now practice sending CW with my IPod touch, which isn’t very useful, but I also found a very slick logging program called HamLog. It makes a nice little mobile log, and it can be exported to another logging program, which is very slick. More on that in the next post.