Day one a great day

Day one is a success, and I’m checked into the hotel at 4:30, which is a big deal. That means I have time to shower, and maybe create a blog post before being downtown for tonight’s event at 7 p.m.

The day started at 6:30. Yes, 6:30. I got there right at 6:30 and there were already hundreds of cars already there and being lined up on the pit row of the Atlanta motor speedway. Sorry I can’t post a picture, but I don’t have the right cable with me to download from the camera to computer. Details.

There were 900 cars in Atlanta this morning.  They said they have 400 cars planning on making the whole trip. That’s a lot of people willing to spend two weeks driving across the country.

After a parade lap we were off. My day went great. I never got caught up in traffic and I was in nice packs of cars most of the time.  I stopped at a random Zaxby’s for a chicken sandwich and six people I knew from past events walked in right after me. We had a great lunch.

Today’s route wasn’t spectacular, but it was pretty. We ambled across Georgia and South Carolina, much of it on back roads. The towns were quaint, the traffic light and the weather hot and sunny. Everywhere I stopped there was a new group of people to talk to. I saw lots of people I knew from around the country and met many new ones.  And that’s a lot of what this is about. You can talk to anyone you see. You start off talking about your cars, but the conversation can go anywhere from there.

I’m posting one picture from today. This was in some small town in Georgia. After miles of cruising along, we all seemed to hit the town square at once. This is the backup going into town. Other than the tanker truck, all of these cars are Minis. This looks worse than it was.  We actually got through this pretty fast.

So that’s it for day 1. Tomorrow we start at the Charlotte Motor Speedway at 7:30 and wind our way to Richmond, VA.

Update, I found the cord, so here are shots of us lined up at the track and the jumper landing in the car.