CQ from Arkansas

The Big IR is in my back yard with about a dozen radials so far. I hope to get another dozen in or so over the next few weeks. I’m glad I got vertical up, as my dipole fell down the next week.

I’ve been very, very quiet on this blog, but hope to get it going again. In the nearly two years since I’ve posted, we decided to relocate to Little Rock, Arkansas. So last summer we put the house in Illinois up for sale, sold it, and bought a home here in Little Rock. It’s a nice house on a big hill with a big lot, no trees and no antenna restrictions. That’s about as good as I can do as a ham for location.

We moved in March, and by the end of March I was back on the air with a OCF dipole up about 30 feet. Not a great antenna, but my location helps. A couple week ago I got my Steppir Big IR vertical in the ground with about 10 radials. A week later I had a major limb fall of a tree so the wire antenna went down. That’s why I always like to have two antennas.

Here’s a shot of the new shack. It looks about the same as the old one.

Looks familiar. Still running the K line with a Flex 3000 as backup rig/second receiver.