Sweepstakes, a great contest

I’ve been really, really remiss on the blog. I’m not sure why, except it’s been a hectic work schedule this summer. But it is now contest season, and I’ve been gearing up.

This year I did my biggest effort on Sweepstakes, which many think is the biggest contest. In about 16 hours of operating I made over 650 contacts in 82 of the 83 possible sections. I missed North Dakota for getting the coveted clean sweep, which I got for the first time two years ago.

I had CW Skimmer running using the Flex 1500 as a second receiver. That gave me a nice view of what was on the band. I wasn’t planning on making a big effort this year, but I started a run on 20 meters right when the contest started, and ran for the first hour and half. That had me hooked. After dinner, I did a two-hour run on 40 meters.

More to come, but I’ll try to get active on the blog again.