Field Day 2012

I did my second year of a one-man Field Day, runniing emergency power and temporary antennas from my deck. I started setup at 11:30 Saturday morning, and was ready to operate with the K2 running into a fishing pole vertical at 12:30. That left me 30 minutes to eat lunch before the contest started.

The bands were not great, but things improved overnight on 40 and 80 meters. I did close to 400 contacts, mostly Saturday night and Sudnay mroning.

It was nice to sit on the deck and operate, and to give the Elecraft K2 its yearly Field Day workout. It’s still a great radio, although it’s been overshadowed by the K3.

The Elecraft K2 in action on Field Day. I had to dig out an old Windows 98 laptop to get everything to work. Now I have my log downloaded on a floppy disk, and no way to read it.