No success with software defined radio

At the Dayton Hamvention I picked up a Flex 1500, which is a QRP software defined radio. I have messed with small software defined radios in the past, but wanted to try one of the major players in SDR.

I’m sorry to say that after three weeks of trying to make it work, I’m in the process of returning it. The main problem is that there is latency between the computer and the the radio. For CW operation, this means that you hit the paddle, and the radio keys a fraction of  a second later. Tht makes the use of the internal keyer and sidetone impossible.

So having a QRP radio that requires an external keyer, doesn’t make much sense in today’s world. My smallest QRP radios have their own keyer built in. I also had problems with the TX meter that it did not consistently show power out. That made remote operation impossible.

So it goes back to the factory. Sorry Flex, I tried.

I also need to get back active on the blog. I haven’t posted in a month, and I notice my traffic is tanking. Google no longer thinks I’m very active, and is starting to lower my rankings. I preach search engine optimization to my employees every day, I need to practice it myself.

So I promise I’ll be more active. Next week is Field Day. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. I’ll probably be operating the K2 from the back yard on emergency power. I did that last year, and had a nice time with it.