New paddle from CT599

The CT599 paddle.

I had been admiring the paddles made by Yuri CKM on Ebay and I finally pulled the trigger and purchased one a couple weeks ago. It arrived last Thursday, and after a weekend’s use, I will say it has exceeded my expectations. It’s not quite as nice as the Begali, but it’s close. And for half the price of the Begali, I can’t complain. It is very nice looking solid brass, very heavy, and has a very smoothe feel to it. I’ve been using it all weekend and have gotten used to it and it’s grown on me.

Tonight I was having a conversation with Steve, W9SN, and we were moving along around 35 words per minute. That’s about as fast as I can send on the Begali, and I was worried if I could reach that speed on the new paddle, but I did. By the end of the contact I was sold.

I’ve been using the Heathkit twins a lot, and they have really grown on me as well. They are from the early ’80s, but make a very nice little CW vintage station.  And they look so nice up there with their red dials. It’s hard to describe the joy of sitting here having a nice converstation on morse code with someone across the country, talking about the weather, radios, work, and life in general. You can’t get to detailed at 30 words per minute, but you can carry on a nice conversation. To me, that’s the joy of ham radio.