More on Icom IC 7000 mobile installation

I promised more photos of the installation, and here they are. I was at the AES Superfest in Milwaukee yesterday and bought a mobile mounting bracket that bolts down on the floor using the bolt that holds the seat down. I used the passenger seat bolt for the bracket, and installed the head for the Icom 7000 on that bracket.


This is a much cleaner way to mount the control head -- no more coffee spills.

Earlier I had the control head Velcroed — I gues that’s a word — to the center console between the gearshift and the cupholder. That worked ok, but it was awfully low to look at while driving and worse, it was too close to the cupholder. I discoverd it was easy to spill coffee — or worse — onto the control head with it in that position. So I moved it up out of harm’s way.

Little Tarheel on left, 2 meter/440 on right.

While at AES I also picked up a new SMO antenna mount and replaced the 2 meter/440 antenna that I had on car earlier. It had seen several years of use on the Chevy Equinox I traded in, and one thing I’ve learned about antenna mounts living in the rust belt — they don’t last forever. I generally switch out antenna mounts every few years, and in between I check them often for corrosion. The new mount looks better, is much lower profile than the old.

So listen for me on 40 meters on Tuesdays and Thursdays from approximately 6:30 to 8 in the morning and 5 to 6:30 in evenings, CDT.