Mobile CW in Mazda 3

My log for this week. This is a great logging app for the iPhone.

The install in the Mazda 3 has been a big success. I made a half dozen good contacts during our short road trip to Nebraska., and have had nothing but good reports.  Last week Ihad two days where I did the long commute to Rockford and made a couple good contacts each day. I even worked some DX, Columbia, on Tuesday on the way home on 20 meters.

Today I did more work on the install, and will put up more photos tomorrow.

I have started using HamLog, an app on the iPhone to log mobile contacts. The biggest challenge on CW mobile is remembering who you talked to, their names, etc. With this app, I can easily get the call typed in while I’m listening to them, or I make a voice recording of the call and fill it in later.

This program is very slick. You can even e-mail an ADIF file to yourslef from it, so you can merge these contacts into your main log. It also has some cloud logging features, that I’m just starting to investigate. More on that later.