Heathkit HX-1681

I picked up a new old radio, the Heathkit HX-1681 transmitter, which is the mate to my HR-1680 ¬†receiver. This is a fairly rare radio, produced in the late 70s as a kit by Heath. It is a cw-only transmitter, which is why it’s rare. Not many people were buying cw-only rigs when this came out. As a CW-only radio, it has a very slick system for full break-in with the matching receiver, so it makes a very nice little vintage CW rig. It is solid state, with two 6146 finals and is supposed to run 100 watts. This one is currently running about 20 watts, so a new set of finals are on the way from e-bay.

I did make a few contacts the other evening on 40 meters with it, and the 20 watts got out fine and I got very good reports on its sound