Saturday morning ham radio fun

This was a normal Saturday morning for me with the radios. I started out with a quick cw contact with K7FU, who was running mobile in western Oregon on his way to a fishing trip.

After that I moved to 80 meters AM and listened to the Midwest Classic Radio net. I forgot to check in, so just lurked.

Then I moved down the band to 3840 and listened, and checked in, to the Vintage SSB net that starts sometime between 8:30 and 9: I enjoy hearing the old radios, and use my Yaesu FT-101 as my vintage radio. I’m getting the bug to get more vintage gear, but holding off so far. If you nose around on their web site, you can hear audio of me checking in, if you wonder what all this sounds like. I’m going to start adding more audio and video to the blog.