New old Yaesu FT 101

I added a Yaesu FT 101 this winter as my vintage radio. For the nonhams out there, the Yaesu FT 10 was introduced by Yaesu, a Japanese radio manufacturer in the early 70s. It was one of the first hybrid radios, a mixture of solid state and tube driver and final tubes. Prior to that, most radios were all tube. The Yaesu was incredibly popular, and many, many radios were sold throughout the 70s.

It was a solid radio with good performance, and thousands of them are still on the air today. Unfortunately, they have also become a favorite of the CBers and Freebanders, so many of them have gone over to the dark side.

I use this primarily to participate in two different Midwestern nets on Saturday monrings — the Midwest Classic Radio Net at 7:30 on 3885 is an all AM net, and its followed by the Vintage radio net which starts somewhere around 8:30 somewhere near 3840. It’s a fairly lighthearted net, filled with guys running their old SSB radios from the 60s, and 70s. Anyone who attempts to check in with a new radio is ridiculed — all in good fun.

That’s why you see that strange device in front of the radio — a microphone. That’s the only mic on the desk, and that’s the only time I even listen on the phone bands.

In other news, my line noise from hell has returned, which is severely limiting my enjoyment of the radios. It seems to come with ice and snow — a leaky insulator in the neighborhood. I need to document the problem and start my yearly battle with the power company. About the time I get their attention and they send someone out, the snow melts and the line noise goes away. Then they say it isn’t their problem. That’s life in the city.

Newest addition to the shack -- an 1970s-era Yaesu FT 101E