Updated photo of “Radio K9OZ”

Here’s an updated photo of the station, and this is how it’s going to stay for a while. From Bottom right, Elecraft K3, P3, and KPA 500; Yaesu FT-101B — my vintage AM station. Top row from left, Icom 756 Pro III — I don’t need it, but can’t bear to sell it, and Elecraft K2/100 that I built about 10 years ago. I also have an old Dentron MT 3000A tuner — all the tuner I’ll ever need.

As for the paddles on the desk, the left is a Begalli, the center a Kent, and on the right  a Spider, that I bought as a $50 kit at Dayton a couple years ago. If you wonder why I need three paddles, you aren’t a CW operator.

I had hoped to get on the air this weekend, but some things came up and I had to miss the North American QSO party, which is one of my favorite contests. Oh well, it’s a hobby.