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Dayton Hamvention next week

I’m headed to Dayton, hopefully on Friday, for the Hamvention. It’s the largest gathering of Hams in the world, and I generally make it every other year. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s new in equipment, and in spending some time at the Contest Forum and Contest Dinner on Saturday night. Through the years I’ve learned to focus on what I want to see, and not spend days wandering the aisles and wearing myself out.

I’ll try to take some photos and videos and add them to the blog when I get back, but no promises.

Dayton Hamvention

I spent Saturday at the Dayton Hamvention and had a good time at the contest forum and at the hospitality suite of the SMC (SOciety of Midwest Contesters) on Saturday night. It was a great chance to talk contesting and station building with other contesters

My only purchase was another keyer, plus some odds and ends. More on that keyed and a couple other things when I get home.

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SteppIR update

Ok, I got outside and worked on the STeppIR vertical this morning. As I suspected, the problem was with the coax connection to the antenna. As I kept trying different coax and radio combinations, suddenly everything worked again. In plugging and unplugging the coax and trying different combinations, I evidently cleaned the connector on the antenna. After it started working again, I went back and cleaned everything with Deoxit, and hopefully it will solve the problem. All I know is it’s nice to have the vertical back.

I did open the antenna, and will post some pictures shortly.

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Dayton update

I made it to the Dayton Hamvention and back last weekend. The highlight for me was the contest forum on Saturday morning. I just stumbled into it, but had a great time and learned some things. I seemed more at homewith the contesters than most of the groups I was involved with at Dayton. Most contesters are CW ops, that’s part of it.

My big Dayton purchase was a Stationmaster controller from Microham. It’s purpose is to interface between the K3 and the PW-1 amp. I got it up and running, but it’s been buggy so far, and seems to go into error mode every now and then. I’ll keep messing with it, but so far I’m regretting my purchase. It added a lot of complextity to the station, just so I wouldn’t have to push a button on the amp and the SteppIR vertical controller when I changed bands. I saw that at good insurance for the amp, but so far, I’m not sold. More on that later.